Collection inspired by the chipped walls from the Old Havana interpreted as a metaphor of life linking with a claim of empathy. In our own vortex of experiences, it is necessary to get to know our own cracks and layers in order to understand others.

DEM Collection Moodboard
  • Colorimetry, aspect and undulating forms take as starting point the chipped walls.

  • Fabrics: cotton, cotton satin, twill, polyester and tencel.

  • Pipings: adorn the garments symbolizing the ways of self-knowledge and understanding of others.

  • Prints: represent the patterns of life.

  • Screenprinted Messages: complement the social message that is proposed.

Creative Team
Models: Sara Baena & Joana Gonzalez
Photography: Alessandro Di Naro
Art director support: Sophie Partarrieu & Clara Zubía
Art director and Designer: Florencia Fumagalli