Florencia Fumagalli

Inspiration, Poetry and art


The collection is nourished by a neutral gender inspiration, where everything is possible and encompassable, because there are no social and aesthetic patterns associated with gender.

The physical appearance represents our alter ego, the most sincere and uninhibited «I», that does not understand about sexuality or binary gender: masculine-feminine, and that manages to reach a fantasy aesthetic that plays in an illusory world where there is no place for socially established reality.

Under the slogan «We don’t do, we just are!», this collection is coined that flirts with the artificial and the alienation of the real world, to be simply what one really is or wants to be, without prejudices or looks that challenge our decisions.

  • Colors inspired by fantasy worlds and hallucination.

  • Silhouette: oversized, large shapes, overlapping fabrics, draped fabrics, and plaston pockets.

  • Fabrics: denim, rib, lame, neoprene and lycra.

  • Details: sequins and glitter.